Your week at DBWO…the stars, the moon and coyotes in the wild

New Brunswick’s water and land

While hunting here in New Brunswick with Dead Bear Walking Outfitters, you will have opportunities to see just how amazing country living is.  While the city has advantages such as being close to the gas station, grocery stores and the hospital… rural living has advantages a mile long!

When I lived in cities, I didn’t realize how much I was missing. Of course, you never miss anything you don’t know about, right! I didn’t realize how bright the stars were each night or how much light a full moon could give off. I certainly didn’t know a spruce tree from a fir tree or how to identify a wild mushroom. I tell ya, theses are all things I do know now!

During your week long stay with us, you will breath some of the freshest air possible. NB isn’t a heavily populated province, which keeps pollution down. The total land and water area of the province is 72,908 square kilometres (28149.94mi²) About 80% of our province is forested, with the other 20% consisting of agricultural land and urban areas. With the large amount of forested areas, 120 rivers (not counting any of their tributaries) and being surrounded by the Atlantic ocean- what more could one ask for!!

When you think of it that way, what better place to experience nature at it’s finest-  hunting, fishing, exploring… making memories to last forever!

The Night Sky

Going back to the star and moon just for a moment; when you stay at the lodge, please take advantage of looking into the night sky! There’s something incredibly amazing about the sky after dark. It’s filled with a crazy amount of bright stars. If you look long enough you will see shooting stars and satellites moving back and forth! The moon on any night, but especially while it’s full, is spectacular! It can be so bright that one doesn’t need anything but it to guide you while outdoors.

The porch of Magaguadavic Lodge is the perfect spot to catch a glimpse of these everyday wonders. The porch overlooks the river and when the moon shines down on it, the water glistens. It’s tranquil and so peaceful, you will love it, guaranteed!

Wildlife in NB

Another fantastic thing I missed while living in cities was wildlife. I would see crows and the odd raccoon but not much else. I did live somewhere once where we had wild turkeys living behind the house but that was the extent of it. Living here is different. Way different! Wildlife is abundant and it’s nothing to see a deer or a moose along your travels. You could see a deer each day for 7 days and still stop and look in awe at the magnificent creature it is. Night time brings out the raccoons and porcupines. It’s possible to see any kind of animal while driving but if you’re in the woods, your chances increase. You could be fishing, canoeing, atving or just out for a walk and catch a glimpse at bears, coyotes…bobcats… red fox.

Beautiful doe grazing


What is Canada without these gorgeous creatures


We came across this bear while out for a drive- just never know what you’ll see in NB!


This red fox had no issues of us stopping to take a photo


Wild turkeys have only been around here for the past 5-6 years. This mama and her babies are out for a morning stroll.


The moose is such a majestic animal. Nature at its finest.


Coyotes Howling

Our home isn’t located too far from the lodge. We are just a short drive away. Like the lodge, we are surrounded by water and treed grounds. We sleep with the window open to keep it cool and for the fresh air (of course!). It is nothing to be awakened from a deep sleep by a pack of coyotes. It typically begins with one and soon, the entire pack follows suit and are harmonizing with their howls.

There are times they are a little farther off and other times it sounds as though they are right under the open window! As many times as we have heard them, it still fascinates us every time. Sometimes it’s a lone coyote trying to find its pack. You will hear them bark back and forth until they are reunited. Other times it’s the entire pack that starts. It truly is amazing, each and every time!


During your stay with us at Dead Bear Walking Outfitters, I certainly hope you have the opportunity to hear the coyotes yourself, enjoy the star filled skies and see wildlife. This on top of an incredibly exciting bear hunt will just be the icing on the cake! See you soon 🙂




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