What clients are saying about Dead Bear Walking Outfitters

100% success and an awesome experience and to top it off great people. If you enjoy the hunt contact them you will not regret it.
Stewart Glaspy, New Brunswick
Great People. Lots of Wildlife. Great opportunities
Mike McDonald, Ontario
Thank you so much, we’ve really had a wonderful time. We have enjoyed your accommodations, the mornings and sunsets, fishing, and just watching the river flow— in general, your beautiful land. We will never forget your warm and care. The delicious incredible breakfast and home cooked meals prepared by Tammy. We highly recommend you to everyone. We will definitely come back soon. Everything went so smoothly. Our hunting time was a great, exciting experience. Thanks again for making us feel at home and part of the family
Luis Infante, Florida
We can’t thank you enough for this once in a lifetime trip that you’ve taken us on this week. Everything from Tammy’s home cooked meals (3 times a day for every day we’ve been here)… which by the way, are to die for because they are so amazing and delicious to Mike’s non-stop demeanor, always working hard to make everyone happy. The kindness and hospitality you 2 have shown us is more than we could have ever asked for. We came to Canada looking for a guide to take us bear hunting; now we have friends for life and a home away from home that we will definitely be coming back to. My dad and I loved it here and this was the best graduation present I could have ever asked for. Your friends, Andre & Rafael
Andre Infante, Florida
Thank you so much for this week. Words can’t even explain how excited and happy I was. It is such a pretty place. Tammy, your food was out of the water! Mike, I had so much fun going fishing in place I never imagined to go. I still can’t believe that we got the bear that fast. All the different animals I was were so cool, even the moose. I really hope I come up here a few more time and maybe I can shoot a bear in 4-5 years. I can’t thank you enough for all the stuff you did for us. I hope to see you in the next few years.
Rylie~ Pennsylvania. (12 yrs old) Hunting with dad
From the first communications, I knew this was something good. Now, hours before I leave… It was better than imagined. “Come as a client, leave as a friend”~ great words and the honest truth. I can write just about anything about the hunt but how you went about treating us went beyond! Family is important to me, you treated my daughter like your own. You won her over and not only gained her trust, but mine also. Having family involved made it even better. Mike, thanks for your dedication to the hunt. Tammy, thanks for making sure we were HAPPILY FED! As far as the hunt–

~12 hour drive to New Brunswick
~6 days to hunt
~20 minute quad ride to the stand
~Shooting a beautiful bear in 15 minutes…. PRICELESS

Matt Bucknavage, Pennsylvania
Mike and Tammy are the most down to earth, family oriented, experienced hosts I’ve ever met. I harvested my very first bear my first night and couldn’t be happier. We wish Dead Bear Walking Outfitters The very best and highly recommend them and leaving them with a five star recommendation!!!

We have already booked again for 2018!!

Ben Young, Virginia
Thank you so much for your hospitality and friendship, we felt at home. I can’t say enough nice things about you family and the lodge. You guys are the best.
Atilla Ozturk, New York
Had the most unbelievable time in a long timel. Saw and hit my first bear first day. Food was great, view of river was beautiful, hospitality was best. Walking away with new friends, like part of the family. Love you guys, thanks for everything.
Gary Stephen, Florida
Felt like home. Amazing views and just unbelivable countryside. I’m so blessed to have been able to come here to bear and bird hunt. Killing my first bear was so amazing. I had no idea how big these animals were, We laughed and joked so much in this trip that I am certain I added a decade to my life. I will be back! My love snd respects.
Ben Young, Virginia
What a gem you have created! There isn’t enough adjectives in thedictionary tp describe what youn have done! Thanks for everything and I truly appreciate all of your hard work. See you in June.
Mike Foster, Maryland
Thank you for the incredible week! It was much needed and it exceeded our expectations. The hunting was exceptional, the food and hospitality was amazing. Thanks for all the great tips on the local spots to fish and ride ATV’s. That made for an action packd week! Most of all, thanks for the great conversations and just cutting up having fun! So until next year, be safe and have a blessed year! We will be back!
Dan & Nikki Hahn and Pat & Pam Fitzgerald, Virginia
What a wonderful hunting trip. Thank you for everything, getting my skin to have a rug made to working a deal on my meat. This is beautiful country and you and Tammy are wonderful hosts. The food was out of this world and hard to pick a favourite meal but the chowder was the best ever. Fun telling stories and having a few laughs. Learned a lot about diferent kind of hunting and got another check off my bucket list with a wonderful bear. Plan to come back and bring my grandson if it works out, but until then, thank you and best wishes ahead.
Jerry Smith, Nebraska
Guys we had a great week of hunting, poor weather early on but when it broke, we were covered in bears. Tammy, the cooking was wonderful and plentiful, no one goes hungry! Mike, I really enjoyed picking your brain about hunting and learned a lot! Good stories, good jokes and good friends. I hope we can get back again and I may start applying for moose. I truly believe we have made friends for life in one short week, stay in touch!
Steve & Belinda Wagner, Pennsylvania
Top notch lodge , food and all around amazing people. I killed 2 of my biggest black bears I’ve with Dead Bear Walking Outfitters . In four sits I seen over 30 bears and killed 2 bears. It is the absolute best place I’ve ever been bear hunting. I seen multiple bears each sit. One evening I seen over 12. There’s not very many outfitters that I recommend with a 10 out of 5 stars. But 5/5 for these guys just isn’t enough.
Travis Holbrook, Ohio
They are a great family who work together to accomplish a great venture for who every wants to be in the wild . Beautiful scenery and lots to see.
Elaine MacKenzie, Nova Scotia
I had a wonderful week, it gave me time to decompress which I needed badly. I feel relaxed and ready to cope with life again. I enjoyed Mike’s humour, hope you enjoyed mine, I’m surely different, lol! Best bear camp ever. Mike is a fantastic bear manager, best camp food ever thanks so much, Tammy. Loved the camp itself. All the locals I dealt with were warm and friendly people. A great camp and I will repeat when I can afford to. Good fortune Mike and Tammy.
Rich Lessard, Massachusetts
This week has been one of the best in a long time. Josh, Devin, and Tyler are good kids and we look forward to seeing them grow into the amazing young men they are, you should be proud of them, Tammy, your food was incredible. I’m already thinking how to replicate that amazing blueberry buckle. Thank you both for your friendship that has grown and what a wonderful week we’ve had. We look forward to seeing you again soon.
Mike Foster, Maryland
I booked this hunt for my son and I to bear hunt for his high school grad present. This week has exceeded our expectations, plus Colt killed a 300+ pound bear. I had several shots but passed for a trophy. Tammy, the food was amazing. Mike, you really go out of your way to get folks on bears and recover the animal. What sold me to book was a family operated business that was family based and boy were you right. Keep doing what you’re doing, what you feel is right and don’t change a thing because you had a good thing here that most could only dream of. Plus, you take total strangers  and in a week, gain their love and respect… that says a lot. Colt and I can’t wait to come back to see our new friends, love to come every year but money won’t allow it.
Bill & Colt Pullum, Missouri
We had such a wonderful week hunting, enjoying the meals and relaxation. This was our 1st bera hunt and was 100% successful. Got our bear on the 3rd night with 2 minutes of legal hunting with a drop-down shot, no trailing at all! We had so much fun being able to help with the processing of our meat, so our 3 bears were cut, wrappedl & frozen in 3 hours so we could all enjoy the rest of the day. The accomdations of the lodge are wonderful, heartwarming and absolutely awesome. Mike & Tammy are just friendly, down to earth people. This will be a treasured experience for the rest of our lives. We can’t wait to come back for another hunt. May God continue to bless you and your family and prosper the outfitting business.
Mike & Ana Jahner, Florida
Thank you for sharing your world full of love and kindness. Your slice of heaven is like no other.  I am grateful to be a part of it. Your knowledge, skills, patience, ethics, hospitality and passion are outstanding. You have a lot to be proud of, especially your family. Thank you for being who you are and living the like you want to live. Bring it Colt- beat my 341 pound magnificent beast!!
Marna Tracy, Florida
What a wonderful week of excitment I had, with starting the week seeing bears the first night to finishing it up visiting with Norm. You hav an awesome operation going here & definitely exceeded my expectations. The view is great and the food is (well what can I say. I hold the camp record of moose burgers) LOL. Tammy, thank you so much for the great meals & your hospitality & your concerns that we were taken care of. Mike, thanks for the laughs and sharing your knowledge of the bears and their habits; and of course, the great photos. To experience the adrenaline rush & shakes & shooting such a magifincent animal is more than words can express. Thank you. I shall return. You are my new friends.
Kevin Jahner, Georgia
Thank you for your hospitality and family ‘feel’ on this trip. You are an amazing couple.  I will pray for your continued success. I have learned many things from both of you & I appreciate your willingness to share your lives as you do.
Michelle Cilibrasi, New Jersey
Mike, This camp is a gift from GOD! I hope you continue to raise it as you are doing. I’ve been with several outfitters in my life and as of now you are on my top of my list! Thank you for making my first bear hunt a successful trip. Also thank you for your continued hard work on helping me try for a second bear with a bow! Your wife Tammy is a lovely women and her meals were great! We loved some of the new foods we got to try. Words are hard to describe the experience that one has here. As a hunter,  I left my home to go bear hunt with an outfitter up north- when I packed up to head home, I felt as if I was leaving MY CABIN  in the woods that I just shared a week with some old friends. Keep up all your hard work and life values, your rewards will be great! Also, a very special thank you for making my wife feel safe, it was nice having her along with me.
Anthony Cilibrasi, New Jersey
This is the trip of a lifetime, you and Tammy have created an experience like no other. You are some of the best people we have met, you guys have it figured out. Thank you so much for everything, we really appreciate all you did for us. Hope to see you again in a couple of years.
Mike Bolinger, New York
This trip has been a hunt of a lifetime. Mike’s guiding is the best I ever had, food, cabin.. is the best also. This is one of the most amazing places I have ever been.Thank you for the time of my LIFE!
Chris Hardish, New York
This week was amazing! Each one of us got bears! The food was outstanding! We enjoyed helping out baiting & setting trail cams & blinds. We will be back! Thank you, thank you , thank you to Mike, Tammy, Tommy, Josh & Tyler for the hopitality. You are rigt– come as a client, leave as a friend….oh, the fishing was good too! Thanks again!
Eric Holmberg, Josh Houghtaling, both from New York & John Connelly and Pat Hartzel, both from Virginia
Having been on several guided hunts (bear, deer, caribou, moose, etc) I can honestly say that this hunt was right up thre with the best.The territory is fantastic, the food was very best, the lodge was very comfortable and perfect for the occasion. Tammy & you go beyond what you need to do to meet all of our needs. Being here with my son and grandson put the icing on the cake. God Bless.
Claude Ouelette, New Hampshire
Thank you so much for the hunt and opening your cabin to us. This week may not have been filled with tons of bears but it sure was filled with laughs and memories! We will for sure be back. We loved the view and the sounds!
Byrant & Whitlee Ackerson, Dave & Tina Cloninger and Jason & Tracy Coke, Oklahoma
Seeing you guys again is a comfortable homecoming. This is how new friends become old friends. You guys are so much more than a hunting outfitter. Thank you for the camaraderie, ribbing and warmth. You’re the best.
Marna Tracy, Florida
We came as clients and left as friends. I enjoyed every minute of exploring the woods, hunting, and meeting all the friendly folks in Harvey Station.

Mike & Tommy took great care of us and their woodcraft and knowledge of the whole area and the animals in it were amazing. Spending time with the Watson family really made us feel like we were visiting friends and not just hunting.

Dan Tracy, Florida
It has been my great pleasure to meet you. I have been on many guided hunts and even guided a few myself. You are by far the best in so many ways. You always go the extra mile to make us feel comfortable and anticipate our needs! Thank you! The food was outstanding but the company was even better. 4 days of hunting and 6 bears s more than I expected but so, so exciting. All the best and THANKS!
Tom Odle, South Carolina
Thank you guys for an amazing week. I seen tons of bears on every sit. Killed 2 of my biggest bear to date this week. Very, very pleased with my hunt. Each night was an awesome experience. I will be back many times. Can’t wait for next year. Thank you, guys, for your awesome camp and a great week.
Travis Holbrook Ohio
We had a great adventure! Thank you for a great hunt, awesome food, and hospitality. Thanks for going out of your way to make this hunt possible. We really enjoyed ourselves. It’s beautiful back here. Ya’ll keep in touch and we hope to see you soon.
Tim & Deborah Lee Robinson Georgia
Thank you for everything. Bob and I had a great time. It’s never just about the killing something. It’s about the time we spent here, meeting all your friends and family.  Everyone went out of their way for us and we are very grateful. You and Tammy have some great kids, you should be proud of them, they were fun to be around. Thanks for making my first bear hunt a success, I think I learned a lot. Tell Tom thanks for helping out, you guys work well together and good hunts take a lot of work even before the hunter arrives. Bob is on Facebook so I know we will keep in touch, good luck and God Bless you and your family.
Mike Esker, Wisconsin
Thanks for a really enjoyable time. The hunting and more important, your hospitality was great! Maybe next time I will be better able to judge a bear 😊 Either way, your guide, Tom, was a pleasure to be around, knowledgeable and helpful. He took good care of an ‘old guy’. You have all the right ingredients for success and the hard work you all put in should provide that to your hunters. Thanks for everything.
Jud Sabey, New York
Thanks for a great week. It was as much a great vacation as it was a bear hunting trip. Food was very good and plentiful. Hunting was successful! Lodging was comfortable and the pie was great! I loved the screened in porch! I would recommend Dead Bear without reservations. Hope to see you again next year. PS- love the blueberry wine!
Tim McMullen, New York
What a fantastic week. You folks are truly like family. I couldn’t have asked or a better week bar hunting. Getting my bear was icing on the cake. I plan on coming back for another hunt, God willing.
Don Gryzb, Michigan
This week was above and beyond an expectations I had. You all treated us like family from the moment we met. Thank you for everything you guys did. It might be a couple of years but I will be back and I’ll bring my sons so they can learn as much as I have. You are truly great people and I’ll never forget this experience.
Matt Whalen, Michigan
I’m not sure they are any other words to say other than wow. This has been the most amazing trip. So many new memories. The lodge is so cool and the food was great. The hunt was a true 5 day hunt for Bill and I, lol. Keep doing what you guys are doing, it’s perfect.
Jeff Gryzb, Michigan
They say you’ll come as a client and leave as a friend, but I honestly felt like I was a part of their large, extended Canadian family. I wasn’t sure what to expect coming in, other than hunting some bears. What I enjoyed the most was the unexpected… and that was the way you adopted us into your family. It truly was the best part. I can’t thank you enough for everything. The nevr ending ssupport, encouragement, and kindness I felt here was beyond anything I ever could have imagined. They treated me like I was one of their own.  I know we’ll see you again. Thanks for the laughs and the memories. If you’re looking to book a hunt, look no further as they are the absolute best!!!
Bill Robinson, Michigan
You guys are the best! What an awesome week of hunting and hanging out with some great friends. We all tagged out on the first night with some great bears. 385 pounds, 275 pounds, 240 pounds and 140 pounds. Can’t wait to get back up here!
John Connelly, Virginia, Eric H, Wyomying, Pat Hartzell, Virginia, & Josh Houghtaling, New York
Fun week! Personally, I saw 5 bears, my son saw 9, 7 of them in one night. Both of us shot bears in the first 2 hours. Never would’ve thought 3 out of 4 in camo would tag out that fast. Both of us tried for a second bear, I was successful, as well as my son. Awesome food. My son was close enough to camp that we heard him shoot. Mike and I were talking on the porch.  At the shot, Mike jumped up and literally screamed “YES”! It was awesome having such enthusiastic guides. I literally can’t say enough. It was a very fun week and caught some fish also.
Miken & Hunter Knitt, Wisconsin
I can’t even begin to express how much fun we had with you guys this week. The food, hunts, and the atmosphere were all appreciated more than you know! It was a pleasure to be here and we will be starting another countdown until we are back again next year! Thank you all again!
Jason & Sydney Lindsey, Virginia
Dead Bear Walking is a class act black bear hunting and guide service in New Brunswick, Canada. You come as a client and leave as a friend. Plus there are bears all over the place.
Dave Hull, Pennslyvania
Best of the best! Great expierence, food for the Gods & accomdodations in true hunter’s style. Keep up the good work. Love you both. PS- If God grants me another year, I promise that I’ll be back.
Claude Ouelette, New Hampshire
We had a great sit all week and lots of bears! We loved hunting both ground blinds and tree stands. Mike & Tammy went above and beyond. The food was amazing! Can’t wait to come back in 2024! Thanks Mike & Tammy.
Mike Doughherty & Brian Harlan, Pennsylvania
Once again a great trip and a good time. Hopefully we’ll be back in 2024. Thanks again Mike & Tammy.
Mike Ouelette, New Hampshire
Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. The hunt, the property, food, everything was amazing. Most of all… you treated us like family. I hope we all stay in touch between future hunts. You went above & beyond any epectations we had. Thank you all so much.
Eric Szymczak & Dan Szymczak and Kevin Wysocki & Gary Wysocki, Connecticut
What a time myself and my father had. Words can’t describe the amazing time we had. The meals were great! Everything was top notch. Thanks for the countless hours you all put in to make it the best. You got West Virgnia guys hooked on this. The bears and fishers and all the other wildlife was fantastic. Best outfitters we have ever had. Would recommend to anyone.
Brian Jr. & Brian Sr. Merinar, West Virginia
I hunted with Dead Bear in the spring of 2022. I shot 2 great bears, including a 280-pound boar. I have hunted with other outfitters in New Brunswick, they were more concerned about filling their camps with large numbers to get their quotas. In the end, having a successful hunt wasn’t a priority. Mike and Tammy are totally the opposite. They only take a few hunters per week and work hard to make sure they are successful. Hands down, Mike Watson is the best outfitter I have ever seen. Look at his hunter success rate and see for yourself. I will never hunt anywhere else!
Scott Lamb, Pennsylvania
Mike, Tammy & Crew, I’ve enjoyed getting to meet you & share a slice of time together. I  appreciate you welcoming me into your family.

You put a tremendous amount of effort into the bear season & I certainly benefited from that. I saw lots of bears and harvested a nice one. My family and I will enjoy eating it. Your cabin/lodge by the river is super nice… and its fantastic location. Tammy, your food was delicious & plentiful. My pants fit a little tighter! I loved sampling your home-produced foods. I hope to return at some point, hopefully with my boysl. Keep up the good work & way of life. Keep living the dream!

River Lee, Maine
What a week this has been.

The time I got to spend with my boys here at your camp, they will remember for a lifetime. The food and lodging were both unbelievable. The time you all put in to make us all feel like family is also appreciated. You exceeded our expectations with the hunting and fishing as well. You put us on bears and we harvested 3 nice animals and caught tons of fish. I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you for the new friendship and hopefully we’ll be back soon.

Sam, Shane and Brady Williams, West Virginia
Thanks for the great week, we had a really enjoyable time. We did our best to find those large, rutting boars but still got a really decent bear. This was the first time we have hunted bears in the rut. It was a real learning experience. Extremely hard to pattern them. This was a week filled with laughs, memories and meeting new friends. You guys may not be the biggest outfitter but it’s clear you strive to be the best.
Mitch and Rich Bloom, Wisconsin
Definitely a trip of a lifetime- 400-pound bear on opening day! Thanks for all the hard work you and the crew put in to make this hunt a success! The lodging, cooking, hunting and the fellowship are all first class. Hope to return with a few buddies soon!
Doug Wise, North Carolina
What a great week. We had a great time with wonderful people, food and hunting. We feel like we made great friends. We will always be the 1st hunters to shoot bears in shorts and Crocs. Bless you all!
Matt & Don Lauer, Pennsylvania
Thank you for a wonderful week. I had a great time and the food was delicious. I enjoyed meeting & spending time with your family and Tom. Can’t wait to see you again in th spring. Thank you!
John Collins, Maine
Thank you for a wonderful time. The cabin is beautiful and the food was delicious. It was nice to be treated like family. Can’t wait to come back and do it all over again!
Jeremy & Melissa Allen, Texas
Thanks so much for your hospitality. Dead Bear is the best camp that I’ve been to. Ty and Josh are great young lads.

You were an inspiration and pleasure. Mike, keep doing what you are doing. You guys are the best. We look forward to returning. We love your bear management practices. It has been a pleasure and great experience.

J.D. Thomas & Lou Putulo, Maryland
5th time amd still great as ever! Thank you for everything you’ve done, don’t change a thing. Your family I consider part of minr. Anything you need, I’m there.
Mike Foster, Maryland
Can honestly say this was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had. From the food, drinks, friendship, etc.  I can say that everything was spectacular Mike, thanks for showing me the ropes on things I never thought I could/would experience. I can almost guarantee I will see you guys again in the future. Til next time!!
Eric Zernhelt, Maryland