Hunting, Lodge Complete, & More!

Progress Has Been Made

We have done it! We have successfully built and opened a hunting lodge!

Somehow not only did the spring fly by before our eyes but half of the summer is gone as well! After such a busy winter building and preparing for our first season of bear hunters, we thought things may slow down a bit! They have not, but it’s been all good!

The last time I could find a few moments to check in with you all, I was able to share the news of Dead Bear Walking’s official first dead bear walking! A quick recap; Dead Bear Walking Outfitters had it’s first hunter. He was successful and got his bear on his secon0d night of sitting. We were fortunate to have 2 more hunters shortly after; brothers who sat with each other and respectively both got bears one night after another.

At that point, we were extremely busy finishing the cabin and getting ready to host our first hunters in camp. Mike did an excellent job at juggling many tasks-  working at the hatchery, nusiance beaver trapping, working at the lodge every evening, while running baits and having hunters! He doesn’t like to be idle!

We managed to finish the lodge, get all the tools out, clean it, and furnish it in time for our first group of hunters staying in camp. The third week of June, we welcomed our first group into the cabin.  Dead Bear Walking Outfitters officially opened as an outfitting lodge!

The lodge is complete!


Sitting on the porch at night listening to the water is amazing


The moon reflecting on the water, in front of the cabin

The Lodge Is Open For Business

The next few weeks were fantastic and we hosted  great groups of hunters. Our clients all enjoyed themselves… you can read what they had to say here. We enjoyed meals together- bacon and fresh eggs to French toast with hand tapped maple syrup. Lobster, steak, stuffed burgers, and seafood chowder to a roasted chicken dinner with gravy, mashed potatoes and veggies  to everything in between.  Each day’s meals were different and plentiful.  We shared lots of stories and laughs. Before heading out to hunt, our guests would target practice or cast a line into the river. Some choose to relax on the porch while others joined Mike baiting.  A couple of hunters joined Mike on the back roads while he set and checked traps. They experienced both the beauty of the province and saw how beavers are trapped, up close and personal.

The hunting part of the trip was successful as well. In the first week, a group of 3 saw 27 different bears between them within the first 3 days. The last week, one hunter had a bear come while he could hear Mike’s wheeler leaving from dropping him off. He ended up taking that beautiful bear 15 minutes later!

We had a late start to the season but we knew that would happen. We wanted to be ready for our guests, we didn’t want to miss a thing and I think Mike and I did a good job of pulling it all together! With the late start, we were only able to get a few weeks of hunters in camp but we are sure it will be different in the years to come! We have been and still are taking bookings for the upcoming 2018 spring and fall hunts and we are confident that we will fill the weeks we have picked out.

Supper the day of arrival- lobster, steak, and homemade potato salad made with homemade mayonnaise


Enjoying a meal together at the lodge


Seafood chowder simming on the stove


Father and daughter joined us for a week


Great week, seeing more than 20 bears within the first few days!


Our Clients Are More Than A Number

Our clients arrived on those Sundays as strangers. They left the following Sunday as friends. We made memories together, shared experiences and stories. Mike and I are pumped to be on this journey! We cannot wait to share the Dead Bear Walking way with hunters throughout the next few years;  for our guests to enjoy the lodge, the meals and of course, the hunt! We like to think that we are different from other outfitters out there. It’s not about putting as many clients through in a season as we can. Its about making the time spent here as memorable and as incredible as we can for you during your stay. It’s your week, your hunt, your stay in the cabin. It’s all about you!

We had an inquiry this week (and he booked for next year!) about how Dead Bear Walking goes about the hunt, as far as blinds/stands go. We can give an opinion but in the end, it’s your choice. It’s your hunt so if you want to sit in a ground blind, we can make that happen. If you do not like seafood, we will cook something else for you. It’s all about you while here.

For us at Dead Bear Walking, it’s about creating an experience of a lifetime and memories that you can share and cherish forever. So, when you book your hunt with us, be ready for a trip of a lifetime!

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  1. Caden Dahl

    I’ve always been one for hunting but I have never stayed at any of these hunting lodges. Now as you said here, it would be a great way to hunt animals while staying at a nice place out in the woods. I’m sure that I’d prefer that than camping out in a tent on my own.

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