Bear Baiting at Dead Bear Walking Outfitters

In the past few days, I notice a difference outside…. I can smell spring in the air!

We have been lucky; this winter hasn’t bought an extreme amount of super cold temperatures. It has snowed but until last week there hasn’t been any great amount. Of course that doesn’t count the blizzard we had last week with a crazy amount of snow.  Regardless, I still love to leave the winter months behind so bring on the spring weather anytime now!

It will be a few more months before it’s actually spring but each day has longer day light hours and before we know it, the robins will be back and flowers will be in bloom!

Along with the nicer weather, the mucky messy roads (dirt roads in the spring months aren’t the nicest), and the melting snow comes the months it time to start bear baiting again!

DBWO recently purchased a sea shipping container to store the bait in. We were overrun in breads, donuts and grease. We needed a place to store it where the animals can’t bother it and the elements can’t hurt it. Mike is incredibly lucky to have a secure means of getting bear bait. He picks up breads, sweets and grease on a weekly basis. We have been storing it all winter long and Mike will soon be out baiting again. On top of the breads, sweets and grease, Mike has a few secret favourites he uses for bait as well. You will see when you come hunt with us! These are all very popular with the bear and it doesn’t take long for them to find it.

**It is important that I mention is that we do not use any bait that is toxic or lethal to any wildlife. It doesn’t matter if a bird, squirrel, raccoon, or any other animal helped itself to a snack, they will not be harmed in any way.

Benefits to hunting over a bait

There are benefits to hunting bears over a bait. If one were to shoot a bear that they randomly came across, they may have killed a female with cubs. Baiting helps to ensure mothers aren’t shot. When sitting over a baited site,  it allows hunters the chance to make sure they do not have cubs with them. Hunters have a chance to watch the bears and  check out their size. Baiting also allows hunters to be more selective in choosing a bear to harvest. Many bears come back regularly; this gives the hunters the option of several bears. It also creates close-range shot opportunities. This creates a more humane harvest as well as decreasing the chances of wounding the animal and not finding it.

Bear baiting (at Dead Bear Walking Outfitters)

Mike gathers bait all year long. He begins baiting as soon as it’s allowed. This gives the bears plenty of time to find the bait and get comfortable coming in.  It also provides a routine feeding site for them which they will return to time and time again.

Some think baiting is easy; it’s not rocket science but it’s not the for the inexperienced either. Mike has been baiting for 20 years and has it down to a science!

The most important factor is location. And don’t we have the most perfect spots for you!! Mike will have baits on private land that nobody else has had access to. These areas picked out are prime black bear grounds. The grounds are large wooded areas, with streams and waters running through, untouched by humans. We also have access to thousands of acres of crown land.  Mike knows the surrounding woods like the back of his hand (even better actually!) and has areas picked out that will bring in those trophy bears you are looking for!


Bear baiting
Professional guide, Mike Watson, baiting one of many sites.


Mike baiting with breads, sweets and grease- the bears love it!

Trail Cameras

In this day in age, we are fortunate to have the technology of trail cameras. Mike still depends on the old fashion ways- trails made by bear, how fresh their scat is, claw marks on trees, etc but the cameras certainly help as well!

Not only do the cameras help provide a timeline of when the bears are coming and going but it also gives us information on which bears are there. We will know if there’s a sow with cubs or large boars coming in on a regular basis.

To me, the best part of the cameras is seeing the photos of the bears in their natural habitat (beside the barrel of food we are providing). We have photos of tiny cubs following mama around, bears climbing trees,  and boars chasing off raccoons or other bears. There’s even been curious bears checking out the cameras and coming face to face with it!

Comfortable enough to sit down and pose for the camera


This bear is intrigued by what’s hanging in the bag over the barrel.


This fella can’t wait to get that treat into him!


Gorgeous bear


Checking out the camera


Going up!


Incredible how large bears are when standing on hind legs


Playing or fighting?


Nice size bear!


A sow and her family in for a snack


Another nice bear

Baiting with Mike

Want to see what it’s all about? Here at Dead Bear Walking Outfitters, whether you’re looking to pass the morning or have tagged a bear early in the week, you can join Mike in the woods baiting. See what it’s like first hand to walk into the woods knowing you can started a bear. See how it’s done first hand with one of New Brunswick’s most experienced and dedicated guides!





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