Photo Gallery

Scroll down to view our five albums of photos: Black Bear Trail Cam Photos, Hunting with Dead Bear Walking,Hunting Photos, Fishing Photos and Trapping Photos. Click on any photo to view it larger. Be sure to check out our Facebook Page to see even more photos from Dead Bear Walking Outfitters.

Black Bear Trail Cam Photos

When we decided to pursue opening an outfitting lodge, Mike put out a few baits to capture a few photos. It wasn’t long before the bears were getting ready to hibernate but it gives you an idea of what to expect while hunting with us. As soon as they come out of hibernation, Mike will be baiting again to keep the bears coming back. By the time you join us for your hunt, the bears will have been coming to the baits on a regular basis for a few months. I will add new photos as soon as I can of these magnificent creatures!!!

Hunting with Dead Bear Walking

Dead Bear Walking Outfitters opened it’s doors to their first hunters in the late spring of 2017.

We’ve had an incredible start to this new journey we are on! Fantastic groups of hunters, massive delicious meals, and great conversations of the porch. On top of that, the baits were active, stands in places no others have access to, and some incredible successful hunts!

Hunting Photos

Photos taken of Mike Watson and his 3 sons throughout the years. Hunting everything from squirrels and rabbits to bear, moose, and deer!

Fishing Photos

The Watson family’s collection of fishing photos throughout the years. All waters are local rivers and lakes and are in close proximity of the lodge – most being Magaguadavic River & Magaguadavic Lake.

Trapping Photos

This is a collection of photos taken over the past 18 years. Mike is an avid trapper. Some of the local species that he traps are beavers, coyotes, raccoons, bobcat, fisher, and weasel. He has a place we all call the ‘fur shed’ where he processes the pelts. A few times of year, he sends the pelts to NAFA (North American Fur Auction) where they are sold.