Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our frequently asked questions below. Contact us if you don’t see what you are looking for.

What is your success rate?

That’s a tough question to answer. We diligently prepare our bait, run the baits on a high frequency and use trail cameras to track the bears coming and going. What’s left after that is for you to sit and pick the bear you’d like. Sightings of bears is at 99.9%.

Can I hunt with a crossbow?

Of course! New Brunswick’s hunting regulations has allowed crossbows since 2012. We cater to gun, bow and cross bow hunters alike.

What do you use for bait and what kind of baiting system do you use?

Dead Bear Walking Outfitters has a secured contract for bait. This is a well-kept secret and is the foundation of great baits. We use 45 gallon drums.

Do you use trail cameras?

Dead Bear Walking does use trail cameras. These game cams are a fantastic way to monitor the baits and allow us to place clients in stands with constant action.

How far are the shots?

The distance is a 20 yard average for both gun and bows. Dead Bear Walking is excited to try to accommodate hunters who request a different yardage. At time of booking, please let us know what your preference is so we can plan on stand location.

What kind of stands of you use?

Dead Bear Walking Outfitters has a few different options for stands. We provide double ladder stands and ground blinds. We also offer enclosed hunting blinds (great for rainy days) that we have built; they have sitting room for 2 and are equipped with comfortable chairs. We plan on providing enclosed stands with adjustable shooting rails in the near future.

Do you have a place to sight in weapons?

Most definitely! We have a large area of ground on our property that is set up strictly for sighting in your weapon of choice. It’s just a short jaunt from the lodge making it accessible by either driving or a quick walk.

How much is the WI-FI charges?

Due to the cabin being off the grid, we do not have access to traditional internet service.

The charges are as following: CANADIAN FUNDS

$10 TO TURN ON ($11.30 with tax)


0 MB-100 MB                  $10 ($11.30 with tax)

100 MB- 500 MB           $30 ($34.50 with tax)

500 MB- 2 GB                 $45 ($51.75 with tax)

2 GB-5 GB                        $60 ($69 with tax)

5 GB-10 GB                      $85 ($97.75 with tax)

10 GB & over                    $10/GB ($11.30 with tax/ GB)

Is there a local butcher if I choose to have my meat professionally cut and wrapped?

Yes, there most certainly is! Tommy McDonald is our local butcher. We can make the arrangements for you when needed. Costs will need to be discussed with Tommy. He can be reached at 506-440-3125, if you would like to speak to him prior to your trip.

Is there a taxidermist in the area?

We have an amazing taxidermist in the area. Many of our hunters have chosen to leave their trophy at the taxidermist. If you decide to do so, you will need to discuss whether you will pick it up or have it shipped. All costs associated are extra from your package and will need to be discussed with the taxidermist, Norman Dewitt. Norman can be reached at 506-784-3102, if you have any questions before your arrival.