Why choose Dead Bear Walking Outfitters

When choosing an outfitter, there are several things to consider. We hope that after reading the following, you will see without a doubt, Dead Bear Walking is able to provide you with everything you need (and more!)

Dead Bear Walking’s guide to hunter ratio ensures the best level of service possible.

Choose an outfitter that has a specialty and enjoys hunting

Mike has been an avid hunter, trapper and fisherman for most of his life. Although we are concentrating on black bears, Mike has guided for moose and deer previously as well. He is very skilled and has an in-depth understanding of the land and the animal’s habitats.

Choose an outfitter that is prepared

Dead Bear Outfitter will start baiting in April. Mike will bait from April through until October.  Mike is diligent with baiting and checking baits and cameras. He carefully and thoughtfully picks the best spots possible to make your experience great.  With June being the month we will be taking clients, the bears will have been coming into the baits for months prior.

Choose an outfitter with the proper qualifications

Mike has his guide 1 license which allows s him to guide up to 3 clients at one time. Dead Bear Walking Outfitters is a licensed outfitter within the province and is a member of New Brunswick Outfitters Association. Mike has certifications in trapping, bow hunting, firearm safety, and nuisance wildlife control.

Choose an outfitter who is professional

From your initial contact with us; whether by phone or email, you will see how personable we are and our willingness to accommodate you as our guests.
Safety is a priority and we will strive to be conscience and mindful of your well-being.

Choose an outfitter who is fun

You will come to Dead Bear Walking as a client and you will leave as a friend. We will make sure you have an experience of a lifetime while staying with us! Your experience will be positive, enjoyable and one we hope you never forget!


While it may not sound important, it certainly is! Dead Bear Walking is fully insured.

New Brunswick is a densely populated province- fresh water and air and the ideal habitat for wildlife

Sitting on the porch at night listening to the water is amazing