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The Magaguadavic River

The Magaguadavic River is a historic Canadian river located in the province of New Brunswick. The name “Magaguadavic” is a Maliseet / Passamaquoddy term that is believed to translate into “River of Eels”. It is most commonly pronounced “mack-uh-day-vick” or “mack-uh-day-vee”. With a meander length of 129 km (80 mi), the Magaguadavic River is the sixth longest river in the province. The river has 103 named tributaries and 55 lakes draining a watershed measuring 1,812 km2 (700 sq mi). One of these tributaries, the North East Branch of the Magauadavic flows through the land that Dead Bear Walking Outfitters lodge is located. The North East Branch is only a stone throw away from the lodge as well as the river itself.

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