Workin’ on the hunting lodge

Hunting lodge update of progress

Like I had mentioned in the previous post — an update on the hunting lodge for you folks is needed. Each day we get a little more done and it’s really starting to come together now!


We picked out the wood stove and have it set up temporarily. Once the flooring is done, we can permanently install it.  The wood stove not only keeps it nice and warm but it’s mesmerizing as well. I can see the rolling flames of the fire and Mike’s photo albums being a great way to spend a few hours. Ever since Mike and I have been together, (almost 18 years) I have captured several of his trapping or hunting adventures on camer. I have put several photo albums together of his adventures. I will make sure to have the albums at the lodge so you can get a glimpse of what he does.

Walls/ Layout of the Lodge

We framed up the walls over the Christmas holiday but only quite recently boarded the walls in. To stain or not to stain is the question? We are still not sure so we will leave them for now. With the walls up, you can see what the layout will be- the 2 bedrooms in the back, the bathroom on the left side, behind the kitchen. The kitchen and living room will be left open to let light come in and to make conversation easy. The walls can be finished once the room to room fans arrive. These fans will be placed overtop each bedroom door to push the heat from the stove into the rooms.


The insulation you see on the right wall is for a door. When you arrive with your gear, you can easily bring it in and to your room with this perfectly positioned door. This will save you from walking to the front, on the porch, and through the lodge.

Solar Power/Off the grid living

The fridge and stove have arrived as well. The stove is propane while the fridge runs on solar power. We are excited to have the lodge off the grid. It’s been a learning experience for us but after it’s all said and done, how cool is it that you can watch tv, have lighting and enjoy a hot shower all thanks to the sun!

Being off the grid won’t prevent you from any of life’s luxuries. One can still do everything you’d do if you were hooked up to the grid- just a few things need to be done differently! We bought a toaster then learned how many watts it takes to run. This isn’t something I would ever think to pay attention to but we need to with solar power. The toaster was returned to the store; I purchased one to use in/on the stove, that still toasts 4 slices of bread at a time.  We found the same issue would happen with a coffee percolator (use too many watts) so we have bought a percolator that works the very same way as a ‘normal’ one except this one is used on the propane stove.

It’s been quite a learning curve but it’s been neat learning about it all and it still amazes me that nature can run all of the common necessities of life!


Mike spent the past 2 days closing in the porch ceiling. We are waiting for pot lights to arrive before it’s complete. The porch will quickly become a favourite for all that join us at Dead Bear Walking. Once it’s complete- screened in, lighting for the evenings…it will be the place to gather and relax before your hunt and the place to tell about  your hunt with the guys (and gals) upon returning.


We are ready for the ceiling now. I will spend this coming week at the lodge painting the boards that Mike will install. We are doing a white washed effect on pine boards to help brighten up the spot. Once the ceiling is done, we will work on the flooring. I can’t wait to update you in a few weeks! I’m excited about the progress we are making but once the ceiling and floors are done, it’s going to look AMAZING!

We are working hard to make sure that your stay with us to as close to perfect as possible. We want you to love every bit of your experience with us- the hunt, the meals, the comfort and beauty of the lodge.. when you crawl into bed each night with the down filled comforters and vintage quilts, you will not only sleep soundly but will be eager to awake to a new day and a new adventure at Dead Bear Walking Outfitters!

The wood stove sits in the living room, in front of the bathroom.


Looking into the lodge from the patio door.
Although it’s not huge, it’s going to be amazing once it’s finished.


Looking into the lodge from the patio door. The 2 openings at the back are the bedrooms.


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