The bagel tree at the bear camp

Mike couldn’t wait to get a bird feeder down to the lodge. He was not long putting one up right in front of the camp. It doesn’t take long for the birds to find it and like I mentioned before, we have a few gorbies as well as nuthatches, chickadees and blue jays. At night the feeder is a busy place with 2 flying squirrels. These huge eyed, rounded eared creatures are fun to watch as they ‘fly’ from tree to tree.

It doesn’t take long for the black oil sunflower seed to disappear so Mike decided to put some bagels out on the tree. We now have a bagel tree! Any time of the day, while at the lodge, the birds are coming and going from the bagel tree, keeping themselves feed and us entertained.

The bagel tree
Canada Jay enjoying the bagels

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  1. Angeladiask

    You always do the right thing. God Bless you.
    Thank you

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    1. Tammy Watson

      Thank you! The adventures at Dead Bear Walking aren’t always just hunting bear, deer or moose….
      We appreciate your kind words and are really happy you are enjoying our blog… make sure to return often as we will keep writing!

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