A Successful Bear Hunt

Hey! Me again. It’s been busy here. Our middle son is in the middle of playing soccer, the youngest is starting his 9 week basketball program twice a week and we have been running straight out for this new venture.

Mike has been baiting for months now so he could hunt with 2 of our boys. Of course everyone would love a huge bear but they hunt for the meat more so then for the size. They must have picked the perfect night because just before dark, this guy came in and they decided he was the one who would soon be sausages in the freezer. He dropped in his tracks so there was no tracking involved! Just out of the tree stand, loaded the bear on the truck and called it a night!

A successful bear hunt in New Brunswick, Canada.
Mike and his son Devin posing with the bear that will become sausage meat in the freezer for the winter.

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