Are you hungry?? You will be!

Are you hungry??

First thing you may think of is being hunter hungry- I just made that up! Hungry to get out in the woods , get settled in and the thought of watching a massive bear or a huge buck step out broadside in front of you! Ah, that would be grand, wouldn’t it!

I’m not talking about hunting this time though, I’m talking food!

You may not be hungry yet but once I’ve told you a little bit about my cooking, I bet you will be!! I don’t know about you but when I go away  somewhere, eating out at restaurants gets old- I cannot wait to get home and have a home cooked meal again. During your stay at Magaguadavic Lodge, you will be served meals to keep you fueled each and every day.

We will begin the mornings with freshly brewed coffee or tea on the propane stove (we are solar powered… more on that another time). For those of you who enjoy a cup of coffee and piece of toast, I can envision you taking it out on the front porch to watch the mist roll off the river. Those of you who like a bigger breakfast, a few different options we will have during the week are:

  • French toast or pancakes, drizzled with maple syrup our family taps each spring at Mike’s uncle’s Maple Sugar Shack.
  • Eggs from our own hens. These ladies are happy girls- when driving into our driveway at home, one must go slow as the chickens are leisurely pecking away on the grounds. How do you like your eggs- scrambled, sunny side up, hardboiled… what about an egg salad sandwich, slightly off topic but I make a mean egg salad sandwich!
  • And what’s a breakfast without bacon! Of course, there’ll be bacon 🙂
A couple of our free range hens enjoying life.

By the time lunch rolls around, you best have worked up an appetite again. Whether you were making sure your rifle is hitting dead on, fishing the river in front of the camp, out walking the trails or woods taking in the beauty and fresh air, or maybe you’re still sitting on the deck enjoying the birds at the feeders. Regardless, we hope you’re ready for a fantastic meal. At Dead Bear Walking Outfitters, your lunch time meal will be the largest of the day. A few different menu options throughout the week will include:

  • BBQ’d steak, steamed Atlantic lobster, fresh rolls, and potato salad, wait until you try it! (I make my potato salad with homemade mayonnaise; a recipe that’s been passed down through Mike’s family.)(It’s what makes the egg salad sandwiches so delicious as well!)
  • Baked ham glazed, carefully basted with maple syrup all day long. Here in the Maritimes, we eat ham with scalloped potatoes and beans… I may spare you the beans but my scalloped potatoes are amazing!
  • Roast of beef, hand raised by us. (It’s fantastic to know where the food you’re putting into your body comes from. It is extremely lean, healthy and is delicious.) Of course roast beef dinners will come with all the fixin’s such as gravy, made from scratch, veggies, all grown in our gardens, fresh breads and preserves (we do a lot of canning- homemade dill pickles, bread and butter pickles, dilled carrots, dilled beans, lady ashburn, mustard beans… )
  • Chicken dinner- whether it’s served with gravy, potatoes and veggies or in hot sandwiches. Maybe even just good ol’ shake-n-bake or on the barbeque.
  • Stuffed hamburgers (fill with items of your choice- bacon, cheese, mushrooms, jalapeno peppers)  and pasta salad, again, homemade.. of course!
  • Spaghetti, with my to die for sauce, caesar salad and garlic bread
  • Meatloaf, vegetables, and baked potatoes, served with butter, sour cream, crumbled bacon and salsa. These extras are yummy in the tender potato skins and the salsa is a one of kind secret recipe.

Regardless of the day’s’ menu, make sure to save room to dessert!~ There will always be homemade brownies and chocolate chip cookies on hand but we will also treat you to a few of Harvey’s traditions such as rhubarb pudding (not really pudding) or blueberry buckle.. these will be made with local, hand picked berries.

Rhubarb from our garden and blueberries we picked from local fields.

After lunch, you will be taken to a sight picked out for you that has tons of action on it. Whether you shoot early or choose to hold off and are picked up when legal hunting hours are over, a supper will await you upon your return back to the lodge.This is later in the evening so we are choosing to serve a lighter meal- some of the choices throughout the week will be: (certainly not limited to)

  • Sub sandwiches, all the fixings laid out for you to choose your own.
  • Soups/stews- made from scratch
  • Chili

So, are you hungry yet? I hope so- at least hungry to join us at Dead Bear Walking for your next hunt!

Foods served at bear hunting camp in New Brunswick
Delicious huge stuffed hamburger, filled with cheese, bacon, and onions.
Meals served while bear hunting in New Brunswick at the lodge
Freshly harvested lobster from the Atlantic ocean, being steamed to perfection.
Delicious chicken and ribs, smoked all day, homemade fries and homemade coleslaw with a fabulous homemade dressing.
Steak, hand raised and home grown veggies on the BBQ.
Fresh out of the oven rolls.

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