Black bear trail camera photos

Whoever invented trail cameras was a genius! How many times when a new product sells like crazy do we say- why didn’t I think of that!

Since the trail cameras were brought out, Mike has had a collection of them. They are great for many reasons- getting an idea of what time the animal is coming in, to see if you have a sow with cubs or a monster boar. The cameras show you if something other than deer are coming to the apple piles. ¬†They are fantastic for getting a glimpse of what happens to stroll through while you’re not around!

Sadly most of the trail cam photos that we’ve had over the years had been deleted. We couldn’t think of a reason to keep thousands of photos. When we decided to start this venture, our cameras were already out since it was bear season and he was hunting.

Since then, we have added more cameras to the collection and are eager to get them back out on baits in the spring. In the meantime, you can always head over to our Facebook page and view our albums. These albums include trail cam photos, updated lodge photos, and much more.

Mike and Ty’s fall bear hunt, 2016


Seems this fella enjoyed having his picture taken


The bears are relaxed enough at the baits to sit down for awhile


Gorgeous white V necked bear


BBBB- Big beautiful black bear

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