Bears hibernating while we are busy as beavers

While the black bears are cozily tucked away in their dens, fast asleep; we,  Dead Bear Walking Outfitters, are busy as beavers getting prepared for the upcoming hunting season in New Brunswick.

An overview for a typical week for us is:

  • Mike working at the hatchery (will post about that later so you all can get an idea of what he does)
  • A weekly run to pick up our secured bait for the bears. We then not only unload it but put it all away.
  • Basketball- with 3 boys in ball, we run every night of the week. If one doesn’t have a game, they have a practice.
  • We have celebrated 3 birthdays in our home this month already- Mike, Tyler (turned 10) and myself. We have 1 more to go- Devin will be 15 in 2 days! Josh is the only one not born in January and will be 17 in March.
  • Working on the lodge- While we have made great progress, there’s still tons to be done.  I will post an update asap to let you know where we are now!
  • Of course, in between all of this, there was my Home & School committee meeting,  housework, daily home cooked meals, and  skating at the rink for the kids.

That’s just been the highlights! Phew- I’m tired just thinking about it 🙂

When life is busy, we all need a break, some downtime, a way to relax….

I want to share a few photos with you of how the winter months in New Brunswick can be, take a look!!!!

This is the North East branch of the Magaguadavic River that runs through our land… it’s just around the corner from the lodge. It freezes over nicely and makes for a great afternoon walk. We usually build a small fire and have a few snacks.
As pictured, Mike always checks to make sure the ice is thick enough to walk on.


This is Frog Lake, a 5 minute drive from the lodge. We snowshoed across to an abandoned cabin to have a look.
Snowshoeing is one of Mike’s favourite winter activities.

We cannot forget to simple beauty of this province in the winter either. Here are a few photos around the lodge in winter.

The ice formations are truly one of a kind… just like snowflakes, there’s never 2 quite the same.


The North East Branch of the Magaguadavic.


Sitting on the front porch of the lodge


The road into the lodge after a snowfall, untouched and beautiful.


Driving into the lodge in the winter- nature at it’s finest.


You come around the last corner and it opens up to this amazing spot that we have created just for you!

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