Our small slice of paradise

Magaguadavic lodge is tucked deep in the woods, overlooking the river. It is secluded, private, and peaceful. For those that are with us for the first time, we decided to name the the hunting lodge after the river it is situated on; the Magaguadavic River.

New Brunswick’s beauty

We are  lucky to own 100 acres of landwith woods and fields, a river and one of We are lucky to live in a province that has so much beauty to offer.it’s tributaries New Brunswick may not have all the big box stores and tall skyscrapers; we do have a view that’s worth a million bucks instead!

New Brunswick is the largest of the Maritime provinces in Canada, size wise, not in population.

Between the farmlands,  rolling hills, countless waterfalls, rivers and lakes- the scenery is spectacular. I can only hope you take in the scenery while you’re staying st the lodge.

Each season is breathtaking.  The ice on the branches in winter, the vivid colours in the fall,  and the flowers blooming in spring/summer. We have it all!

When you stay at Magaguadavic Lodge, you can enjoy everything I’m speaking of without even leaving the property.You can take a morning stroll on the old logging roads or wheeler trails. Maybe you’d rather enjoy a morning walk  beside the water, with a pole in hand.  Make sure to keep your eyes out for wildlife as you never know what you can see. You could get  a quick glimpse at a coyote before it scurries into the woods, a doe with fawns grazing in the fields or possibly a moose. The lodge sits on 100 acres that we own so take advantage of the  land while you’re here! It doesn’t get much better than that!!

Lodge’s Progress

I have spent the last few days at the lodge preparing the ceiling boards. I am staining and white washing each one.  It’s a tedious task but it’s worth it as it’ll look great when finished. It’s difficult not to take too many breaks though! Sitting on the front deck, enjoying the view and hearing nothing except the birds chirping and the sound of the river brings instant tranquility. It’s definitely easier to sit back and listen than the staining/painting!

Starting to stain the pine boards for the ceiling.


We are making progress everyday and will start putting the ceiling up this weekend (between basketball games!) We can’t wait so we can share it with you! Each and every one of you who hunt at Dead Bear Walking Outfitters will love not only the hunt, but every moment of your stay as well- it’s a little slice of paradise!!

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  1. David watson

    Wow! The view from the deck is incredible! Can’t wait to see it in person.

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